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Most of our frequently asked questions are answered here. If you can't find the information you need, please contact us.

  • Where are the workshops held?
    Currently all our workshops are via Zoom, making them accessbile to all. In the future we may have weekend sessions where we can all get together.
  • What kind of workshops are you running?
    The workshops are focussed on the theme for the month. For example, in the Mind month we have workshops on Reflection & Self-Compassion, and in the Body month we have Body Confidence and Breathing. The following months workshops and their dates are posted in the Member's Lounge.
  • How often will I hear from my coach?
    You will receive at least one message per week from your coaches. You can also speak to your coaches through the members' lounge.
  • Can I contact the coaches?
    You can use the members' lounge to speak to the coaches. We will also run regular ‘ask your coaches anything’ sessions.
  • Can I speak to someone before signing up?
    Absolutely! Send a message here and a coach will contact you.
  • Can I attend community events if I’m not a member?
    Our events are member exclusive sign up here to join our fantastic community.
  • Is Wise Up a diet plan?
    Absolutely not! We don’t believe in restricting diet at all. Our plan is to have you fall in love with yourself just how you are! We will help and guide you to live a healthy lifestyle which can lead to many goals being achieved. We offer help with healthy food choices and moving your body to lead to a well balanced, lasting happier life.
  • Can I join Wise Up and still attend my slimming clubs?
    The choice is yours. Wise Up teaches you ways to become fully self accepting and hopefully you will start to feel very different about ‘having to’ slim down but we would never stop you from attending any other classes.
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